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The best way to give your dog a bath at home - advice from a pro.

If you are looking to give your pup a spa day at home, there are a few important items you will need. A brush or comb is necessary for brushing out dirt, debris, and knots that could mat. Towels are essential for drying off your pup after the bath, especially if you don’t have access to a blow dryer. Additionally, shampoo and conditioner formulated specifically for dogs will ensure that their skin and fur remain healthy. Treats are optional but can be used as rewards during the bathing process to make it a fun experience for both parties involved. If available, a blow dryer set to low heat can provide an extra level of comfort for your dog after a relaxing bath. With these supplies in hand, your pooch will be enjoying luxurious bathing sessions in no time!

Taking your dog for a walk or playing with them before their bath is the perfect way to help them expend some of the endless energy they have.

Your dog will need a dog shampoo for their skin and coat type. There are shampoos for shedders and non shedders, for those with itchy or sensitive skin, medicated shampoos, natural shampoos–ask your groomer or veterinarian for suggestions if you’re not sure. Never use human shampoo on your pet as this can irritate their skin.

If you plan to bathe your dog at home regularly, take time to make your dog feel comfortable with the tub when it’s dry and then with water. Gradually train your dog to jump in and out of the dry tub, then teach them to stay while you quickly turn the water on and off and pouring a little water over them accompanied by treats. You can even occasionally feed or treat your dog in the tub so that there are positive associations.

To make sure your dog's ears stay healthy and dry, grab some cotton balls – this will protect them from any moisture that might otherwise cause infection. Then you can get to work scrubbing away all the dirt and grime to keep them looking their best. At the end, your pup won't just be clean; they'll know you care enough to protect their ears too!

Brush your dog first and remove any mats or tangled hair. A good quality brush or comb is another essential part of their bath. During this time, give them a treat and make sure they aren’t anxious by speaking in a soft, reassuring voice.

Fill a tub or basin with lukewarm water halfway, then after they are completely wet. Apply a generous amount of shampoo along the spine, under the tail, and around the torso. Work up a good lather and begin to rinse your dog from the top down to their feet. You will have to rinse a few times to ensure all the suds are gone and they are free of the shampoo. If you have a hand held shower nozzle that detaches, this is your best bet at a thorough rinse. You can also use a plastic pitcher and pour the clean water over your pet.

If you are using a dog friendly conditioner, you can repeat the above mentioned steps. Now, it is time for drying off your perfectly bathed pup. Having lots of towels helps with this effort, since your dog will want to be warm and dry right away. Pay special attention to their face and ears. Using a blowdryer on cool setting when can also help give your pup a refreshingly clean feel and look.

After an invigorating bath, your dog will be feeling refreshed and clean. To show them just how much you appreciate their cooperation, why not reward them with a tasty treat? Not only will they enjoy the snack, but they may also start to look forward to bath time by forming a positive association. Of course, it doesn't hurt to spend a little quality time with your clean-smelling companion too! Snuggling afterwards or playing games such as fetch can make for an extra special bonding experience.

If the thought of scrubbing, washing, and drying your furry friend is overwhelming, let us help you out. We offer mobile dog grooming services in Houston, Texas - so whether you're in Missouri City or Katy, we can come to you! Not only will your pup look their best after a day with us, but they'll feel great too; our experienced groomers know how to treat a dog properly so that bathing doesn't have to be an unpleasant experience. Let us take care of the dirty work for you - contact Wash Groom Go today!

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