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Car Safety for Dogs: The Do’s and Don’ts


Use a harness or crate?

Pup protection is paramount - take the steps needed to keep your furry friends safe while travelling in cars. Harnesses and crates are great options for providing security, but don't forget about acclimating them early on with car trips around town; starting this routine young can help immensely in alleviating travel anxiety later! And speaking of stress relief, plan ahead for regular stops along longer journeys- giving both you and Fido a much deserved break from the road.

Take breaks

If you dog accompanies you on a road trip or longer drive, be sure to take breaks every few hours so they can get out of the car, relieve themselves and stretch their legs.

Bring your own water

Unknown water sources can contain parasites like giardia. To help keep your dog safe, hydrated and protected from digestive issues, bring clean drinking water from home.


No hanging out the window

Keep your canine companion safe by keeping them away from any open window, no matter how much they love the fresh air. Cracking a window for ventilation is fine but make sure that debris and other flying objects won’t endanger their safety. Keep both you and your pup happy with these simple steps!

Don't ignore extreme temperatures

To ensure your pet’s safety, no matter the weather outside, you should always be mindful of the temperature inside your car. In extreme heat or cold temperatures, never leave them unattended — as a vehicle can become dangerously hot in just moments when exposed to high external temperatures. Keep their comfort level in mind while driving by properly regulating and maintaining an acceptable A/C or heater setting for everyone onboard!

Avoid distractions

Yes, your dog is adorable, but remember: It’s important to keep your eyes on the road and not get distracted by their cuteness (or any other distracting behaviors). Unfortunately, this means you shouldn’t let your dog sit on your lap while you’re driving, either.

Don't snack and drive

While you and your family should enjoy the best part of a road trip (snacks!), try to manage motion sickness by feeding your dog when you stop for breaks. It’s also a good idea to let your pup eat their meal a few hours before you leave to help prevent tummy troubles in the car.

As dog lovers, we want our pets close to us whenever possible — even when we’re in the car. But it’s also our job to keep them safe. Use these tips to protect your dog, prevent distractions and enjoy the ride together.


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