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Jane & Geralds's recent experience with a mobile dog groomer

Jane and Gerald had been looking forward to their vacation for months. After a week of relaxation in Phoenix, they were finally ready to make the drive home. Once they arrived back in Houston they picked up their two dogs from a local boarding facility in Missouri City, TX.

When they placed the dogs in the car, they quickly realized something wasn't right. The smell coming from the backseat was overwhelming - it seemed that their poor pooches had spent too much time at the boarding facility without a proper bath! Jane and Gerald looked at each other in despair, knowing that if they didn't get this mess sorted out soon, then neither of them would be able to stand being around their furry friends any longer.

After some searching online, Jane stumbled upon a mobile groomer with Wash.Groom.Go who could come directly to her home and bathe both dogs on-site. She was relieved - she knew this was exactly what she needed! After quickly making an appointment for later that day, Jane waited anxiously until the groomer arrived.

The groomer went straight to work bathing the two smelly pups while Jane watched nervously from afar – but as soon as the groomer finished she couldn’t believe her eyes: her once stinky pups were now clean and fluffy again! She thanked the groomer profusely before sending her on his way – satisfied that she no longer needed to hide away every time one of her doggies came near her nose.

From then on out, whenever Jane started planning another vacation away from home with

Gerald's' help; she always made sure to book early appointments with a Wash.Groom.Go mobile groomer so that when they returned back home - there wouldn't be any surprises waiting for them like last time...

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