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Insights on Harder-to-Groom Dogs

Grooming a dog can often be tricky, but there are certain breeds and situations that make it more difficult. If a dog's coat is left untended for too long or their temperament isn't great during the grooming process, even experienced groomers may find themselves in challenging territory. To help combat this issue we provide owners with best practices to empower them to better care for their pets between grooms - preventing knots and unruly coats from forming while keeping stress levels low throughout the experience!

Educating pet owners is essential to ensuring the dog's coat remains healthy. We provide advice and teach them how to properly groom their dogs, as well as show proper restraint techniques. If an owner isn't keen on helping out, we recommend frequent grooming visits instead in order to maintain your dogs coat and to keep mats from happening.

Regular grooming is essential for a dog's well-being! Dogs that are frequently groomed tend to be in better condition than those who go long periods of time without being groomed. They also get used to the experience, making things more pleasant and less stressful on everyone involved. Even with double-coated breeds, setting up regular appointments every four or six weeks can make an enormous difference in how much time it takes to get groomed - not just now but down the line as well.

Being prepared for any dog grooming situation is essential! Having the right supplies, knowing how to handle each breed properly with kind techniques and scheduling regular appointments will make your dog grooming easier. Whether we are dealing with a feisty pup or an elderly dog - having the proper tools can help set us up for success.

At Wash.Groom.Go, we believe in providing the best care for every pup that we groom. We use gentle safety restraints to make sure dogs are securely held while being groomed and this also helps us reach our goal faster and more efficiently with a happy outcome! Our tables and tubs are well maintained to provide the best stability for your dog during the grooming process.

When it's time to go home, our furry friends leave with an enjoyable experience instead of standing or struggling throughout the process. Additionally, furbabies who may be older or carrying extra weight get some special attention - by laying them onto their side first before rolling over for the other half grooming session is key for taking good care of them during each visit!

We bathe each dog making sure the shampoo reaches their skin because a deep cleaned and conditioned coat will mat less – especially with longer coats. We also us a finishing spray that is very light but helps minimize static, deflect dirt and also prevents matting.

Our groomers have the important job of maintaining calm and composure around sometimes-unruly pups. They are trained to never lose their cool, no matter how tough a situation may be. The right tools combined with proper restraining techniques work wonders in keeping our furry friends happy while they're getting beautified! So we always remember to Keep Calm & Groom On!

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