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For all the reasons dogs get dirty, There is a bath for that!


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Everything but the haircut​

  • Bath

  • Blow Dry

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Nail Trimming

  • Teeth Brushing

  • Spray Cologne

  • Bandana


Peeping Puppy


  • Bath

  • Haircut

  • Blow Dry

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Nail Trimming

  • Teeth Brushing

  • Spray Cologne

  • Bandana




  • Deshed Treatment ($15-$30 add-on)

  • Flea & Tick Treatment ($15 add-on)

  • Oatmeal, Blueberry or Medicated 

         Shampoo ($10 add-on)


Peeping Pug

You can expect the highest quality grooming available. We focus on building a trusted, safe and stress-free relationships with all the dogs we groom. Best of all, getting started is easy! Fill out our Mobile Dog Grooming contact form HERE with your information, the services you need and when you will be available.


Our friendly staff will call or text you to discuss our services, any special accommodations your dog may require, and schedule an appointment with one of our mobile groomers. 

mobile dog bath company
mobile dog bath
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Mobile Dog Bath: Houston, Missouri City & Katy

We come to you. dog baths, haircuts, and nail trims on demand.

Service Area

  • Houston

  • Pearland

  • Missouri City

  • Sugar Land

  • Richmond

  • Jersey Village

  • Katy

  • Cypress

  • Spring

  • The Woodlands

  • And Surrounding

12999 Murphy Road, N8

Stafford, Texas 77477


Monday - Saturday 8-5​

Sunday 9-3



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How It Works
Understanding Our Easy To Use Service


Call - Text - or fill out our contact form.We will help you choose a grooming or bath service that meets your needs for your pup.  

Mobile Dog Bath
Wash Groom Go


Once we confirm your dogs needs we will get some information from you including your address and then add you to our grooming schedule. 


One of our experienced groomers will come to your home to groom your dog at your scheduled day and time. 

Dog Groomer

Live, laugh, bark.

A dogs perspective on mobile grooming

Clean Environment: We have zero exposure to other animals and contact or airborne illnesses. 

No Crates: which can be traumatic for us especially us dogs who are used to having free roam of our homes and backyards. Some grooming salons leave us in cages to dry once we have received a bath. Our mobile groomers hand dry us using a dryer setting that is comfortable and not too noisy.

Peaceful surroundings: Traditional grooming salons are usually chaotic, which exposes us to loud sounds, aggressive smells and territorial dogs. The mobile salon is so peaceful and tranquil. The only other dogs we will see is our furry siblings (if we are lucky enough to have them). 

For Mom and Dad

Convenience:  We come to you so that you can continue to work and relax at home while we take care of your furry pal. No more scheduling a whole day around taking and picking up your dog from the grooming salon. No more car rides to strange places, ugh what a relief that is for both you and your dog. 


Peace of Mind: Never worry about your dog getting into an altercation with another animal ever again! Our salons all have windows so you can come out and check on your pup anytime you like.

Special attention to older dogs: Elderly dogs often need a little extra care during the dog grooming process. Maybe they have a hard time standing for long periods of time or they’ve developed a chronic health condition over the years. Whatever their unique needs may be, mobile dog grooming allows for a higher level of individual attention. Plus, over time, you’ll form a relationship with your groomer, so you can talk to them about your aging pet and request specific accommodations.


Affordability: Our competitive prices assure that you are getting a great rate for the convenience you receive! Give our mobile grooming and mobile bath service a try. 

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